Electric Mercedes-Benz Repairs

Electric Mercedes-Benz Repairs

Electric Mercedes-Benz Repairs

Get Your Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle Back on the Road with Confidence

After an accident, the well-being of yourself and your passengers is the top priority. But getting your Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle (EV) back to its prime condition is also crucial. Due to the advanced electric systems in your Mercedes-Benz, selecting a certified collision repair centre is paramount.

At Hilton Coachworks, our commitment goes beyond restoring your vehicle's appearance. We understand the unique intricacies of your Mercedes-Benz EV and are equipped to deliver exceptional repairs that prioritise safety, performance, and uphold original factory standards.


Why Choose a Mercedes-Benz-approved Body Shop for Your Electric Vehicle Repair?

Expert Technicians: Our technicians undergo rigorous training specific to Mercedes-Benz EVs. This ensures a deep understanding of your vehicle's intricate electrical components, high-voltage systems, and cutting-edge materials.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts: We exclusively use Mercedes-Benz-approved parts. This guarantees perfect compatibility, optimal performance, and adherence to the manufacturer's stringent safety specifications.

Advanced Technology: Our workshops boast state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and repair technologies designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz EVs. This ensures a precise and efficient repair process.

Battery Safety Expertise: Our technicians are highly trained in the safe handling and repair of high-voltage battery systems, a critical aspect unique to electric vehicles.

Warranty Protection: Selecting a Mercedes-Benz-approved Body Shop safeguards your manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind and investment protection.


Benefits of Using a Mercedes-Benz-approved EV Body Shop:

Preserving Peak Performance: We meticulously restore your Mercedes-Benz EV's original performance characteristics. This ensures optimal range, efficiency, and the exhilarating driving dynamics you expect.

Advanced Safety Features Functioning Properly: We ensure the precise calibration and functionality of your Mercedes-Benz EV's advanced safety systems, such as driver-assistance features and autonomous emergency braking.

Peace of Mind on the Road: Our unwavering commitment to quality and safety grants you the peace of mind of knowing your Mercedes-Benz EV is repaired to the highest standards.

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Key benefits of using a manufacturer-approved Tesla Model S repairer

Factory repair methods to ensure that vehicles are returned to factory approved standards.

Audited to ensure that we work to the highest Tesla Model S standards in everything that we do.

Only genuine Tesla Model S diagnostic equipment to ensure that all systems are set correctly after repair.

Only genuine Tesla Model S parts and materials are used.

State-of-the-art Tesla Model S approved equipment.

Fully trained Tesla Model S technicians.




Vehicle repaired to pre-accident condition

Manufacturer-approved trained technicians

Repairs guaranteed for the duration of your ownership

Genuine manufacturer-approved parts

Manufacturer-approved paints

Complimentary on brand courtesy car
* Subject to Availability

Warranty upheld