Social Responsibility

As a business fundamentally involved with repairing vehicles for further use after an accident, you could say that Hilton Coachworks are already heavily involved in recycling!

We are conscious that as our business grows and expands and our physical space requirements increase, we need to ensure that our carbon footprint is minimised.

Working with car and chemical manufacturers, we are continually striving to minimise our use of toxic chemcials and reduce our waste output.

Our paint processes are designed to minimise the release of particulates and we are fully compliant with EU Paint Directive 2004/42/EC. Use of premium OEM approved paint basecoats reduce our material usage with commensurate environmental benefits.

Good environmental practices are an accepted pre-requisite of being awarded manufacturer-approved repair centre status and we are continually striving to reduce our environmental impact.

Hilton Coachworks Social Responsibility