Aluminium Body Repairs

We at Hilton Coachworks are proud to be certified to carry out structural aluminium repairs — there are only a handful of bodyshops certified to carry out these works in the UK.

Due to the increasing pressures put on vehicle manufacturers to engineer vehicles that are both more economical and safer, manufacturers are engineering their vehicles to be as light as possible while also enhancing the occupant’s safety.

The techniques and the equipment required to achieve the desired vehicle safety profiles changes also. We at Hilton Coachworks have invested heavily in the latest training, welding equipment and extraction systems to ensure that we can repair your vehicles correctly. Because of aluminium’s strong and lightweight characteristics, it will continue to be used in vehicle construction for some time to come.

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Aluminium compared to steel

The aluminium repair process differs greatly to that of steel. To be a structural aluminium certified repairer our technicians have to undertake extensive training. We also have a state-of-the-art dedicated aluminium bay and tools.

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Heat transfer and induction — one aspect that must be considered when repairing internal structural panels is the effect the heat will have and how it will travel into the surrounding areas of the vehicle. This is of significant concern when dealing with rivet-bonded joints. Heat can compromise the strength of the adhesive.

When working on aluminium, the ambient temperature must be controlled due to the chemical cure of structural adhesives.

Aluminium is more pliable and thus reshaping of lightly damaged panels must be done with caution to avoid splitting.

Aluminium repairs must be carried out in a separate repair cabin:

  • Steel swarf and grinding dust can cause corrosion damage to aluminium panels.
  • Aluminium dust is explosive in particle sizes below 5 microns.

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Our accident management team will take your claim on from start to finish, removing the stress and disruption caused by an accident.

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