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The automotive industry is forever changing, as are the technologies used in the vehicles and none more so than electrified vehicles.

We at Hilton Coachworks recognise this and have put major investment into infrastructure changes to accommodate for electrified vehicles for both now and the future.

Electrified vehicle sales equated to approximately 7% of the new car sales in 2019 for the UK, but industry experts believe that over the next 10 years, this figure could rise to as much as 25%.

We at Hilton Coachworks recognise this trend and are excited to say that we have approvals with some of the leading electrified vehicle manufacturers such as; Tesla Motors, Volkswagen, Audi Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover & Volvo Cars.

With the pace of technological advancements in battery range and plans already in place involving manufacturers and governments rolling out new charging points in more and more locations, as well as government incentive schemes for new electrified vehicle owners with the OLEV Grant, the concerns which some may have against electric vehicles will soon become a thing of the past.

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What is an electrified vehicle?

In short, an electrified vehicle is a vehicle that contains a high-voltage (HV) system. Voltages of 50V or more are considered to be High-Voltage (HV). Some electrified vehicles can operate up to 1,000V – that’s roughly four times higher than most household electricity supplies. There are currently four different types of Electrified Vehicles available.

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Hybrid (HEV)
Electric Vehicle

This type of vehicle combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a battery-powered electric motor. The vehicle seamlessly and automatically switches between the two power sources. The battery is charged by the engine and regenerative braking.

Mild-Hybrid (MHEV)
Electric Vehicle

This type of vehicle is powered solely by an internal combustion engine but it is supported by a small electric motor. This small electric motor is powered by a 48V DC high-voltage (HV) circuit. A MHEV is charged through regenerative braking only and cannot be run on pure electric.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)
Electric Vehicle

This type of vehicle is very similar to a hybrid electric vehicle, however, it features a slightly larger high-voltage battery that is charged by an external charging cable as well as the engine and through regenerative braking.

Fully Electric (EV)
Electric Vehicle

This type of vehicle has no internal combustion engine, it is powered solely by drive motors that sit either on the front axle, or both the front and rear axle. Power to the drive motors comes from a large battery that sits on the floor of the car/chassis and is charged by an external charging cable.

What are the risks of working with electrified vehicles?

For general repair works on electrified vehicles there are no large risks involved. High risks are present when the works required involve or are around the high-voltage (HV) system. Electricity is not something that we as humans can detect — it cannot be seen, smelt, heard or tasted.

In order to allow us to carry out certain repairs on your electrified vehicle, a high-voltage disablement (shut-down) process is required. This is to ensure the safety of the individual working on the vehicle. These tasks include:

  • Where welding works are required.
  • Where works are required involve or are around the high-voltage (HV) system.

Consequences of coming into contact with high-voltages (HV) are: muscle spasms; burns; difficulty breathing; unconsciousness; cardiac arrest; and even death. Due to all of the risks listed, it is imperative that if your electrified vehicle requires repair works, it is done so by the right people. We at Hilton Coachworks are proud to say that our technicians are trained to manufacturer standards by the manufacturers at state-of-the-art training centres both in the UK and abroad to ensure that our technicians are fully competent and up-to-date with all of the latest technologies and repair processes.

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